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La casa del dragón episodio 3 spoilers

House of the Dragon se estrenó el mes pasado, y hasta ahora, la serie precuela de Juego de Tronos nos ha regalado dos episodios increíbles. Los creadores confirmaron que la primera temporada de la serie de televisión tendría un salto temporal significativo, y algunos fans esperan que eso ocurra en el episodio 3.

En el segundo episodio, vimos a Rhaenyra Targaryen enfrentarse a su tío – Daemon Targaryen – para recuperar el huevo de Dragón que Daemon había robado. Viserys estaba furioso de que su hija fuera en contra de su orden, pero aún así estaba impresionado de que Rhaenyra hubiera recuperado el huevo sin ningún derramamiento de sangre innecesario. Además, Viserys está enfermando a causa de los cortes mortales del Trono de Hierro, por lo que podríamos ver cómo sus heridas se vuelven aún más letales en el tercer episodio. El episodio 3 también podría centrarse en la recién formada alianza entre Daemon Targaryen y Corlys Velaryon, y en el príncipe Targaryen haciendo su primer movimiento contra el Cangrejero.

El episodio 3 de La Casa del Dragón -titulado “Second of his name”- llegará a HBO y HBO Max este domingo 4 de septiembre de 2022. La plataforma de streaming recibirá el nuevo episodio a las 9 PM ET (horario de Semana Santa)/6 PM PT (horario del Pacífico). Además, la fecha de estreno del Episodio 3 será el lunes 5 de septiembre de 2022 para algunas regiones (incluido el Reino Unido) debido a la diferencia horaria. De todos modos, para facilitarte el seguimiento del próximo episodio, aquí tienes el horario exacto de estreno para las diferentes zonas horarias:

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When is the next season of House of dragon coming out?

Dragon House will return sometime in 2024 with its second season on HBO Max.

How many episodes will House of dragon have?

The first season of the drama will feature 10 episodes in total.

Who rides the dragon Cap 3?

He is the young Laenor Velaryon, son of Lord Corlys Velaryon and who also has Targaryen blood running in his veins, which is why he can ride and command a dragon.

House of the dragon episode 3 trailer

Game of Thrones marked an era in television and in the ways in which series are enjoyed nowadays, so it has already reserved its place among the best fictions of all times. It is true that its final season divided fans’ opinions and is even considered a weak closing to such a great story, but no one will doubt the great moments it has left us. Before starting House of the Dragon, here we show you which episodes of GOT you must play before. Check the list!

“Winter is coming” is the perfect kickoff to remember the world of Westeros and to delve again into the history of the families behind the Iron Throne. In addition, we bond with the Targaryens through Daenerys, who receives the three dragon eggs.

“The Wolf and the Lion” exploits the root of the conflicts between the Starks and the Lannisters, deriving in a remembered fight between Ned Stark and Jaime Lannister. In addition, strategies and the political landscape are always present and will be an aspect to take into account in the new program.

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House of the dragon episode 3 countdown

House of the Dragon director Ryan Condal recently revealed plans for the second season and the possible future of the series. Adapted from George R.R. Martin’s popular fantasy novel Fire and Blood, the new series focuses on the history of House Targaryen. Set 172 before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), the series focuses primarily on the drama leading up to the Dance of the Dragons, a civil war among the silver-haired dragon family.

But with such a high production value, each season takes a long time to make, so fans shouldn’t expect season two to arrive anytime soon. The first season required about 10 months of filming, even before the visual effects and editing were done.

In a recent interview with THR, Hess comments that season 2 of The Dragon House will explore Daemon and Rhaenyra’s relationship more. Since the two were married at the end of episode 7 and not included at all in episode 9, only two episodes of season 1 feature the two after they are married. The screenwriter admits that they are currently working on the next season and using George R.R. Martin’s book, Fire and Blood:

House of the dragon episode 3 release date

While Game of Thrones was a fantasy epic about a war of continental proportions peppered with supernatural threats, its spin-off is a not-so-intimate drama about a powerful family with a lot of bad blood.

As in episode 1, having a baby around has blinded him to all but feasting, jousting and hunting. And so, as one lady aptly puts it, he chooses to ignore the fact that the Crown is already at war, whether he admits it or not.

Whether out of disappointment or sheer weakness – let’s not forget the king’s health problems – Viserys finds it hard to bring the animal down. Perhaps he would be happy to know that his other son saw the white stag in the forest and decided to let it go.

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At the end of this episode, he makes another risky and emotional decision and assures Rhaenyra that no one will supplant her as his heir. And while he reminds the princess that it is her duty to marry, he also allows her to choose the best man for the position of consort king.

It is disappointing to lose Prince Drahar so suddenly. Ever since his appearance in the final seconds of Episode 2, fans have been dying to know more about this cruel and mysterious figure.

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